Care Instructions

These care instructions are a general guide - for any specific instructions check your product care label.
  • We recommend occasional airing of your mattress; air flow decreases the chances of mold growing. Spot clean only but first test on an inconspicuous area. 
  • For unusual stains, seek professional advice. Do not use dry-cleaning fluids of any kind as they may damage the components of the mattress and avoid steam cleaning as this may cause damage or shrinking.
  • For "no turn technology" there is no need to turn your mattress over, however, we recommend rotating from head to foot on a monthly basis.
  • For all other mattresses we recommend that they are both rotated and turned on a monthly basis. This will help extend the life of your mattress and provide you with a more comfortable nights rest. 
  • Body impressions are normal on all mattresses as the materials settle to your body shape.
  • Impressions up to 35mm are normal and are not considered to be a structural defect. When placing a mattress on a slat base, it is recommended that the gaps between the slats do not exceed 90mm. This may cause a spring or other matieral in the mattress to dislodge.
  • We recommend a mattress protector to help preserve the surface quality of your mattress, especially when children will be using the bed. 
  • Do not smoke in bed or expose your mattress to an open flame.
  • Do not bend, fold or stand on your mattress, as this could permanently damage the springs.
  • Check all your furniture hardware (screws, nuts and bolts) to make sure they are not loose and tighten regularly to help keep the product looking its best for years to come.